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  • Scientific Reports (General Pedagogics and Didactics)
  • Issues of Teaching–Learning and Education (school pedagogy matters)
  • Expertise in Science, Culture, Education (higher education matters)
  • History of School and Pedagogy
  • Comparative Pedagogics (education in the world)


About pedagogical research

  • Critique and Bibliography
  • Reviews
  • Books In Brief
  • Conference
  • Best Practice Workshop

About matters under consideration

  • Pedagogical Essays
  • Discussions, Hypotheses, Considerations
  • Rector’s Column
  • Debate
  • Opinions and Viewpoints
  • Round-Table Discussion
  • Interview
  • Correspondence Column


  • Theory and history of pedagogy
  • Methodology and philosophy of pedagogy and education
  • Ethnic and confessional pedagogy
  • Didactics and methods of teaching–learning different subjects
  • Problems of managing education
  • School education
  • Vocational education
  • Higher education
  • Non-curricular education
  • Further training
  • Special Education
  • Teachers’ training
  • The Humanities education
  • Linguistic education
  • Musical and artistic education
  • Education in Mathematics and Engineering
  • Education in Medicine
  • Educational, Developmental and Age Psychology
  • Career guidance
  • Interdisciplinary matters

We invite researchers and specialists in these areas to share their experience, results of research and experimental work and submit to our journal.